Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 97 3520 My New Mission

What a day. My goodness, I’ve got my work cut out now. I met up with my supervisor today. It’s the first time we’ve had a private physical meet. It was three hours long, at that. She’s a funny woman, actually. Very smart, though. I mean both in the way she dresses and in the way she thinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s not made Executive soon. But absolutely no sense of humour at all. Deadly serious all the time. She has the most extraordinary eyes, too. Very oval, very large and very green.
She must have caught me staring at her because she said. “No, I’m not wearing a lens. My eyes really are that colour.” They are so bright! Such an unusual colour at that.
Well, I did get used to her amd I do have to give it to her. She was very patient. She took me out to lunch at the New Park restaurant. You know, the one at the top of the new tour in that new extension to the Reality Park. It slowly revolves all of the time. The views over London Dock are amazing.
But here’s the thing: she wants me to work with the New Integrated Zones – that’s the new name of the Z Zone – on the Post-Switch-Off Contingency Plans. The idea is to try to make the Z Zoners see reason. As they get fitter and healthier we’ll have an aging population that will take up more and more of the resources.
“I’m not saying we need to convince them that no switch-off is all right,” she said. “But they do need to be aware of the problem. We need to think of alternative ways of managing it.“
Well, I wasn’t very happy at first. So she stayed with me for hours. We were two hours over our lunch and then we went for a long walk in the park.
“There will be creative solutions,” she said. “One that no one has thought of and we’re sure you’re the one to find it.”
Then she sopped walking and looked straight at me. Those eyes! I’m sure she could read every single thought in my head.
“You are so good with the New Integrated Zoners,” she said. “You are the only person we have who has lived amongst them .We’d be relying on you.”
So, at that point I really felt that I had to go along with her.
I went to see Louish afterwards. I needed some of her common sense.
She looked very thoughtful when I told her.
“Well,” she said. “If you can find a creative solution for them might it not be one that we could all use?”
I guess she’s right. And I guess she’s thinking about herself and Frazier.
Well, if I can, I will. But oh heck! I now know what Kaleem and Julien are going through.       

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