Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 91 3520 New Energy

I really do feel liberated after getting in touch with my family again. That was a real breakthrough.
Rog actually came over today to look at some of the apartments near me. He’s going to move into studio one next week. I’ve promised Mum I’ll keep an eye on him and I’ve promised him I won’t fuss too much. 
I feel lighter now and more energised.
I went out with the girls tonight. It really was good. We had a great chat and some pink bubbling nectar – it was Beth’s birthday. One of the droid waiters brought us some sea-food tasters. It was fun and these new friends are good company.
I actually also feel more content with myself.
I even managed to think abut Kaleem without feeling any hurt. He had his reasons for not wanting us to go on and I think I understand them. I respect him for that and I respect him for what he is doing, whatever it might be. I also think what I’m doing is fine, and I’m doing my best.
Amazingly, too, my work went really well today. I had a load of assignments come through from the Z Zone kids. They have all done so well. It is so encouraging to see them work like that.
My supervisor said that she was pleased with my work. When this project is over, they’re going to get me on to something a little more complex, she said. Though she was very mysterious about what it involved.
Julien has been in touch as well. He’s really getting into what’s going on in the Women’s Movement.  Good for him – or should I say her? 
It really has been so good today.

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