Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 85 3520 First Things First

At least that was one thing about not being able to sleep the other night. I guess of all the things that were bothering me the most troublesome was thinking about my mother. That is something I have just not wanted to deal with.
I have good parents and I should be pleased. I have a good brother too, and there have been no secrets like there were in Kaleem’s family. I suppose it is a little quaint these days, living with both your mother and your father and a sibling and actually knowing who both of your parents are and any brothers or sisters. Poor Kaleem had the other extreme. He had no idea who his father was until he met Nazaret. And it turns out that he didn’t really know his mother either. But he’s still glad to have them. So, I ought to make an effort with mine.
I went over there today.
I’m glad I did.
They were all pleased to see me. They didn’t mention Kaleem once. And mother seemed genuinely interested in the Adulkis.
“So, you think they’re really happy?” she asked. “Do they understand what’s happened to them?”
“No, I don’t think they really do,” I replied.
“What about Sarah’s funeral?” she asked. “How did they cope with that?”
“They were bewildered,” I said. “They just couldn’t understand that she wouldn’t be there any more.”
I couldn’t help crying when I told her about the service. She was in tears as well in no time.
“You’re a fine pair,” said Dad. “What about if we all go for a walk in the New Woods? It’ll be a good old-fashioned family thing to do.”
So, we did.
We hired a private transporter and picked up Rog. He had a meet with his work and then we went straight to the New Woods. Actually, they live quite close to the woods. They moved out there a few months ago. Both of them are only working part-time now. They’ve earned enough credits to semi-retire. Rog will be leaving soon as well. He’s decided to try and get an apartment in my block. He has enough credits also. So, a good hard-working family I have.
The walk was lovely and then we went for a meal together afterwards. It was great. I was stupid not to do this before.
Do you know, I have decided I am rather fond of them in fact? I’m going to make a real effort to keep in touch. And I’ll keep an eye on my little brother as well.
I didn’t go out last night. It was quite an emotional day really. But don’t worry – I’m not slipping into my old depressive habits. I’m cool and I’ll stay that way.        

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