Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 79 3520 Sleepless

I couldn’t sleep last night. I just tossed and turned. My own fault, really. I thought I’d be good and lay off the nectar. But having coffee instead was not such a smart idea. That toffee cake as well, with all that sugar. No good at all. I’m sure that’s what kept me awake and then awake I really did start to wonder about everything.
·         What went wrong between me and Kaleem?
·         How much longer do the Adulkis have left?
·         Is Julien all right?
·         Should I try to see more of my mother?
·         Will we really be able to get the Z Zone fully integrated?
·         What’s going to happen about switch-off?
·         What’s to become of the Adulkis?
·         Will I be single forever?
·         Am I actually falling for Julien and is he just as unreachable as Kaleem?
·         But is Kaleem all right? Where is he? I really can’t stop caring about him.  Am I really doing the work I should be doing?
·         Should I go back to the Z Zone?
·         Is all this socializing in nectar bars real?
I think I did finally drop off about two hours before it was time to get up. I hate that. You feel so groggy and it always makes me slightly depressed if I don’t get enough sleep. I’m sure we normally sort some of these things out while we’re asleep.
Definitely an early night tonight.

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