Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 76 3520 Progress on All Fronts

I’ve only just got back form the Z Zone.  I stayed a little longer in the end. I really am pleased with the groups I’ve been working with there. They’re are racing through the schooling programmes, enjoying the work and are really being very creative on all of the projects. I’m not sure whether I’m really the person to carry on there. They’re beginning to overtake me.
I spent some time with the Adulkis as well. I took a day’s leave so that I could stay a little longer. They are so bewildered about losing Sarah. They can’t understand death at all. Yet it was, in the end, quite easy to distract them. They do have this incredible sense of fun. It’s amazing to see them play. I think in the end it was their carers who needed cheering up the most. They all know this is probably the beginning of the end.  Yes, Sarah was a little weaker than the rest, but there was less difference between her and the other Adulkis than there is between Adulkis and ordinary Z Zoners, let alone between Z Zoners and Normal Zoners. Death is natural in the Z Zone. It makes me think switch-off is really bizarre.
But there's news about that too. They’re talking of suspending all switch-offs for six months. They say it’s partly to let the newly integrated Z Zoners get used to it. But I also thing it’s to do with Normal Zoners also being less certain about it now. I wonder, though, how long people will live without it. And whether it will all be stopped in time for Razjosh to avoid it.
Julien has been in touch – sort of. I haven’t spoken to him, but he did send me a video clip of the new president of the Women’s Movement – Julienne of course. I just really don’t get why he has to take on that particular role and at the Citadel at that, though of course the president of the Women’s Movement is actually Marcia Lafarge and she is not living at the Citadel. All very confusing. I really do not understand what that was all about.
And I did meet the others at the Laguna Bar. There was a few days’ gossip to catch up on. Oh, it’s the same old, same old. But actually, I think they seem more grown-up than they used to be. It is good to actually have someone to talk to in the evenings. It is better than sitting at home in my lonely flat. But the real problem is, they haven’t had the same experiences as I have had. So they don’t really quite understand where I’m at.      

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