Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 73 3520 Sarah’s Funeral

Well, we’ve now been allowed to have Sarah’s wake. They did do an autopsy to find out exactly why she died. They also took the opportunity to find out more about how the accident made the Adulkis the way they were. They found out so much!  I’m amazed at how good our meidcs have been at understanding that. You wouldn’t think they could after all those disease-free years. It must be all that work they’re doing with the Zandrian scientists. Who would have thought it?  Terrestrans and Zandrians working together. Terrestrans and any other planetation for that matter.
The toxins from the Normal Zones were so bad that they caused brain damage, and also some damage to the other organs which partly explains why they aged so quickly. I don’t know enough about science to really understand it completely, but I do know that we must not let it happen again.
The funeral was so sad. The other Adulkis were so upset. They did understand that she wouldn’t be coming back, but they didn’t seem to understand that she had stopped living. They couldn’t grasp that.
They sang at her service. They really can sing well. I’m so glad we decided to teach them about music. Music does make them happy, and even on this sad occasion it seemed to be uplifting.
I cried buckets as did all their carers. And I was on my own, and I wished Julien had been with me. That’s right. Julien. Not Kaleem. That shocked me as well at first, but I think I wanted Julien more than Kaleem because Kaleem would have been also extremely upset. Julien would have been a better support. I only had myself in the end.
The sadness became almost unbearable as they lasered her coffin. They showed stills and played some sweet but solemn music. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a lump in my throat.
Such a shame that there had to be this sadness, because everything that's happening in the Zone is so positive. All Z Zoners now have intelligent housing. All households with children under eighteen have the very latest technology, so they’re actually better equipped than most Normal Zoners. They’re making so much progress, because they’re so used to managing with a lot less. It’ll be interesting to see them gradually take on powerful positions. I guess when I’m middle-aged I’ll be competing with Z Zoners – and they’ll probably be winning.       

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