Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 68 3520 Social Animal

I am a reformed creature. I went out the other night, just as I told you I would. I bumped into some of the crowd I used to go around with pre-Kaleem days. They knew all about me going off to the Z Zone with him. I think they’ve been dabbling in Hidden Information, but they wouldn’t admit it.
They used to read the Glog before I made it private. Mind you, they didn’t half complain about it being in Wordstext. The funny thing is, I don’t actually notice it. I can key it in really quickly now. I don’t notice the letters or even the words any more.
But anyway, I’ve now invited them in.
And they’ve invited me out.
They go to one of the nectar bars or to one of the holoscenes every evening for a couple of hours. Yes, they drink some nectar, but never enough to get out of control. Well, they can’t really can they, what with the way it’s rationed? That makes me feel even more guilty about Julien that time and the bubbling nectar. Okay, so now I know he’s on the right side. But how did he do it?
So, I’m going out with the girls everyday this week. It is good having some companionship. They’re a nice bunch, actually, and I had forgotten that. They’ve had their ups and downs too. Sophia and Ben-Alki Mazrouth have split up, too. He’s missing the switch-off ceremonies and she says it’s making him too dull. Plus she’s also questioning whether we should have switch-off back. Della has always been single and still is, though I think she flirts around a bit and has had some one-nighters.  Marina’s man is working away from home. Renate just says she has “gone off men”. Jayne has also just split up with Thomas and Margiet has never had a boyfriend. She is actually a virgin and proud of it!
And interestingly enough, the main two topics of conversation were Razjosh’s avoidance of switch-off and the integration of the Z Zoners into the Normal Zones.
So, they’re not the fluff-heads I thought.
It was nice being with them again. I’m going to get out as much as I can now.
Oh, Louish. You are always so right.   

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