Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 62 3520 All Dark

Oh, my God! It’s all happening at once. Everything.
Louish contacted me today. Kaleem is definitely off the planet. His work in the Z Zone has finished. They are all to be fully integrated now. The only difference is that they will not go through switch-off. And Louish then did one of those I’m-not-really-supposed-to-be-telling-you things.
She winked at me and then whispered: “They are going to start negotiations about ending switch-off for everyone. Frazier told me. The Stopes programme may have to be intensified of course. You’ll never have to face switch-off. Neither will Frazier or I.”
“I'm so glad razjosh escaped, too."
There was such a lump in my throat. I think Razjosh is a wonderful, kind and wise old man. It will hurt me to lose him when he dies eventually. . But I know that Kaleem will be so devastated. How will he function? It’s not just a matter of having someone to turn to when he needs advice. My brave Kaleem is capable enough of thinking out things for himself. But Razjosh is like a second grandfather to him.
Kaleem! I wonder whether he’s lonely. Does he ever think of me?
As if all of this was not enough, I then had a communication from the Z Zone. One of the Adulkis has died. Little Sarah. She was one of the most child-like of all of them. Always so sweet and well-behaved. She always liked to hold my hand when we went for a walk. She had a lovely smile, despite her crumpled face. She looked beautiful.
They don’t know exactly what happened. Just that when they went to wake them all, Sarah did not move. One of their carers realised what had happened and got the rest of them out of the way as quickly as possible. The medic came and confirmed that she had died. They said they’ll let me know about the results of the autopsy. At least they don’t think she suffered any pain. She just passed away quietly in her sleep. She had a smile on her face.
So, I needed a friend. I went to see Julien. Julienne would have done as well. There was no-one in. So, I had to go back to my apartment. Then I looked out of the window and saw them. He was being taken away in a transporter. I saw a droid guard hold his head down as he ducked to get in. They were taking him somewhere. So, he must have lied to me. He really is up to something he shouldn’t be doing.
It is all so dark. So very, very dark.   

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