Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 57 3520 Julien

Well, well, well. I did meet with Julien. And I did confront him about where he’s been going. He wouldn’t say, of course. But I came right out with it and said that I was beginning to think that he was a Hidden Information peddler. He looked shocked at first, and then he laughed.
“No, not at all,” he said. “That is so funny. If only I could tell you the truth. But I can’t.” Then he looked very serious and he carried on. “Really. It’s not that. Please don’t ask me again. The least you know the better. I’m on the right, side, honestly.” Then somehow, there was something else in his eyes. A sort of warning, I suppose.
Well, we all know they’re watching us and listening to us all the time, but they can’t see every gesture. I guessed the subject was off-limits.
Then he was back to his usual joking self.
And actually, yes, it was good fun to be out with a guy. He’d scrubbed up well and I’d been pleased to put on a bit of a show. We went to the most expensive nectar bar ever. It’s new and has only just opened. They have a lot more choice that normal. It was the Historical Night and all of the waiting staff – real people this time, not droids – were dressed up as people form the past. Once we’d got that little problem out of the way, we both relaxed and it was really good.
Not, of course, that there’ll ever be anything like that between me and Julien. I’m not ready yet, and I’m sure I’m not his type, if you know what I mean.  But as a couple of friends, just having a good time ….
Then, there was yesterday.
I saw him go out as Julienne. I really didn’t know he did that to do with work. He was picked up straight away by a private transporter pod. My timing was great.  I followed him out, just in enough time to see that the person sitting inside it was an Elder. I couldn’t tell which one – there was not enough time for that. But definitely an Elder. Not on official business either, because it didn’t have the Citadel Crest on the side. I’ve heard before that they are so often amongst us without us realising and Louish has told me about some of the things that Frazier has to do. I’m not sure she’s supposed to, but I can’t imagine Louish ever being able to keep a secret.
So there we are! What is he up to?
I’m really no wiser.  

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