Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 41 3520 Progress in the Zone

We put the first of the Grade 6 learners though their tests today. We’re not testing the lower grades yet. And we’ve designed the tests so that they don’t feel like tests, anyway. They’re really not there to challenge the children. They’re just to show us how well they’re doing.
We don’t have to mark them. The dataserves do that, of course. But the results were spectacular. They were so good. That it’s been my job today to check about ten of them manually. Tedious! But the dataserves were absolutely right. Not only had these eleven-year-old Z Zoner kids passed, but they had got some of the highest marks ever.
It was just like Razjosh and Kaleem say. Give them the same tools that we have and they’ll do even better because they’re used to hardship and have learnt to make the most of what they have. So, give them a lot and they’ll do a lot with it.
I wonder, though, will they get used to it all and will they then sit back and get as fat and lazy as we are?
I wonder if we’re helping them in time to stop them all dying so young/ and will that mean that they’re going to outlive us? Because it is part of the agreement: no switch-off for former Z Zoners.
I also had a little message form Cheryl, who is now working with the Adulkis. Apparently, the better food, more fresh air and their specially designed learning program is actually making a better match between their real age and their mental age. Their mental age is going up and they are losing some of the ageing traits they had. Of course, we can’t actually make them younger. Most of them are over forty. But how long will they live, now? Will they have a Normal Zone life span?
I do wonder.  But what if we’ve got disease back under control? Will that mean we will become over-populated? I suppose we could colonise more empty planets.
Actually, I also wonder, do I want to live forever? I don’t want to face switch-off, but the alternative might be going on forever and ever.
Hey, I’m getting depressing. I think I’d better get out more. 

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