Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 36 3520 Progress in the Z Zone

The new courses for the Z Zoner kids have started. They are well into everything now. Amazingly, they already understand the new dataserves. At first there was a lot of messing around. They had to get used to the easier voice recognition systems, and the holoscening. So, there was a lot of excitement and experimentation, but now, amazingly, all those in the trial areas are working steadily. The test results are good – amazingly good, in fact, and they are making more rapid progress than normal zone kids. It really is incredible. So, perhaps it’s true: because they’ve had it so hard that they can make better use of what they do have. Will that fade after a while?
I’ve even had some more news of the Adulkis. They, too, are having it a bit easier now. The Housing Executive Committee has shipped out some quick-build units to give them some more comfortable apartments. They started erecting them three days ago and today, I’ve heard they are putting the finishing touches to the inside. The Adulkis and their helpers will be able to move in tomorrow. It will be so much nicer for them. They’ll be warm and dry all the time and they will be able to look out of nice windows. There is still some beautiful natural land in the Z Zone.
No more news of Julien. He called me up earlier today. He’s going to be away for a few days.  I wish I could find out what he does. 
There are some more people moving into this block today. I wonder whether there’ll be anybody interesting.     

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