Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 30 3520 Down in the Caves

I’ve done the wickedest thing to do, but also possibly the most daring thing I have ever done. I just happened to be leaving the building at the same time as Julien. He didn’t actually see me and I had this crazy urge to follow him.
That’s really such a freaky, sneaky thing to do, but I just had to. I’ve got to find out more about him. He does worry me a little. I like him too and I don’t want him to get into trouble. I guess I wouldn’t be able to stop him, though.
Well, he didn’t get into a transporter, so that made it easy. He walked – fairly briskly, I have to admit, so that made it difficult – over the Reality Park. He could have taken a public transporter. I’ve no idea why he didn’t. I had to keep some distance, from him, of course. But I could see that he was talking on his communicator. Did he walk because he wanted some privacy? That is worrying in itself.
I watched him go out of the entrance that’s near Kaleem’s old place. Kaleem showed me it once. I can’t believe he used to live there –and to think that that used to be the grand home of Marijam, Louish and Frazier, when Frazier was Head of Education.
Anyway, Julien then completely disappeared. The funny thing was, though, that the entrance to Kaleem’s old cave home was actually open. Could Julien be down there? And if so, why?
So, I went down as well. At least the old apartment was still locked up. No sign of Julien. I wonder who he was talking to? It did look as if somebody had been there recently. It couldn’t have been Julien, could it?
Anyway, I closed the place back up and made my way back to work. A quick meet with my boss, and then back to my own dataserve. Tomorrow, the lesson goes live for the Z Zoner kids.

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