Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 18 3520 Julien

Julien has appeared again. I bumped into him as I came into the block this evening. I’d been out for a jog in the Reality Park. I do like doing that if it’s not too hot, or to cold or raining.  Oh here I go, explaining why most people prefer the holoscense for exercise. But really, the air is better outside. Is that because it’s not so perfect? They say the treated air is better. Who knows? But anyway: Julien.
He was just gong in as I arrived at the door. He looked a bit flustered when I bumped into him. He’d obviously been away. He looked tired, too, and wasn’t quite his normal cheery, confident self.
“Been on holiday, then have you?” I asked.
“Er, not exactly,” he said, nodding his head form side to side, but not exactly saying shaking or nodding his head.
“Well, you never told me, you were going away,” I said.
“Oh, well you know, last minute thing,” he replied. No joke. No smile in his eyes like there normally is.
“Was it a holiday or business?” I asked.
“Bit of both, really,” he replied. “Look,” he continued. “I’ve got a lot to sort out now I’m back. Do you want to do something tomorrow? Lunch?”
So, I’m going there tomorrow. I’m really curious now.
Then it occurred to me that I don’t even really know the basics about him. So, I asked my dataserve.
“Julien Lafont,” it replied. “No records. Do you have this person’s identification number?”
Well, no, of course I don’t. That’s just not an interesting enough thing to know about a person.
But no records? Is he using a false name like Marijam did? No records at all, like Kaleem used not to have?
Now I’m really curious. I can’t wait until tomorrow. But will I be able to pin him down?

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