Monday, 20 May 2013

Day 6 3520 Progress

So, this is the plan then.
I’m actually going to be working with the schooling programmes. The first step, we decided, is to roll out new dataserves to all education age young people in the Z Zone. They will be working on programmes from their homes. But they will have lots of meets, and I’m going to be there at some of them.
I’m also going to start designing some of the programmes. I’ve managed to have a look at some of the schooling programmes they already have in the Zone. Actually, they’re not all that bad, and not nearly as primitive as we would have thought. There are some strange things, though. They still have a belief in some sort of god. I suppose that’s why all that  about Babel and the Peace Child project made so much sense at the time. There’s some real mystery about some of the stuff. But what amazes me most is how inventive they are and how much they manage to make out of so little.
To think, though, that some of the stuff I’ve had to look at over the last few days would have been classed as Hidden Information less that a year ago. It’s odd how changes sometimes suddenly happen very quickly. We’ve had the Z Zone for- well how long? – and now it’s disappearing virtually overnight.   
I’m starting the first programmes next week, and I’ve just taken some of the plainer Normal Zone ones. I think they’ll be easier. Most of it is information rich. It should get them up to speed on basic Normal Knowledge.
I had a meet myself today and met some of the people I’ll be working with. They’re a friendly lot. We went to a nectar bar afterwards. That was quite nice. It made me feel quite civilized. Even so, I don’t think there’s anyone I’d want to get too close to there. I’ll just stick to Julien and Louish for the moment. Maybe my mother. My projects are my friends.    

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