Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 350 3519 Work and Play

Well, the meeting with the Work Assessor went well.  I was curious as to why we actually have to go in person. It’s one of those things that I would have thought we could do easily enough through the dataserves.
“We like to have a good look at you,” said the woman. “We get a much more accurate impression of you when we see you in reality.”
Well fine. But there was no way I could get a good impression of her. She had her hair scraped back so severely. They all wear the same uniform at the Work Assessment Centre. She did have an identification badge on, but only had a number, no name. It made me wonder for a short time whether she was actually just a droid. If she was just a droid, though, why was there so much fuss about seeing me in person? In the end I decided she was real. She was actually quite nice, despite all the formality.
So, it’s all decided. I will be engaged on the reintegration of the Z Zoners project. I can still work with Louish directly. I’m just to bill the hours and any hours I do for her will be offset against my core hours. She’ll be speaking with the new Head of Education soon, and then I expect she’ll be reporting to Frazier.
Julienne came round to see me yesterday evening. She looked gorgeous! Plenty of cleavage and silver silk. And on her minicompu she showed me all of Maisie’s work colleagues who are coming to the party.
“How did you do it?” I asked.
“Best if I don’t say,” she said and winked.
However she got the information, it was impressive. I wonder what Maisie will make of it. Not long till she goes now.
The other thing that Julienne managed to do – actually, she assured me it was Julien – was to obtain some top quality bubbling nectar. I’m to see to some food. I’m going to craftily find out what Maisie likes. I’ll try to see her tomorrow. It’ll be difficult not giving the game away, though.

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