Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 12 3520 Depression

So much for my New Year’s resolution.
I find myself incredibly sad and horribly lonely.
All I do is work.
Or mix with older people.
I haven’t got a witty thing to say.
I’m fed up with my appearance.
I’m sick of my own company.
The only friend in the world I seem to have is Julien. Or Julienne.
And I’ve not seen him or her since the New Year celebrations.
So, I took myself for a jog. In the real park, even though it was freezing cold. I think it did me some good, because I did feel better when I got back. They say we need exercise and sunlight. So. I’ll try to get some each day.
Then I decided to cook my own meal. Fungus, and sour cream and mange tout peas and pasta. Comfort food and easy to cook. Easy to eat, too.
I watched some of the entertainment channels for a while, but I actually fell asleep.
I’ll get over myself, I expect.
Tomorrow is another day.     

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