Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 1 3520 New Beginnings

A New Year then. Time to start again. I’ll really try to forget him, I’ve decided. I’ve only been kidding myself up until now. If I’m honest, I’ve hoped all the time he’d call, that he’d change his mind, that he’d send for me – take me back to the Z Zone or to wherever he is now. It’s just not going to happen. I know that now. So, New Years Resolution – get a life!
The President’s Laser Show last night was one of the best yet. It does get better every year. Really amazing. It ended up like one big holoscene of the type of cities we want to build, with everybody living together in peace. No Z Zone, of course. Then every single person had a halo of light round their head. I just don’t know how that did that.
I spent the day, then, today, with Louish, Frazier, Marijam and Gabrizan and my own mother. The authorities holoed some snow and we were able to ski. It was good watching some of the kids have snowball fights. I did fell a bit odd, though, me the only young person there, with all those adults. They’re all good company, of course, and even mother wasn’t too bad. But that’s part of the new regime. I shall go to a Social Meet as soon as I can. And I’ll do it regularly.
Tomorrow is Re-allegiance Day. I’ve decided that my mission statement is going to be to be a bridge between the Normal Zoners and the Z Zoners. And that is nothing to do with you-know-who. That’s my own idea.
So, today and last night a time to think about it all. Tomorrow it all begins.
I feel good about this. I feel really good.     

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