Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 335 3519 Final Arrangements

Louish and I have been working hard over the last few days. We have it all worked out now for the Adulkis visit. It’s going to run like this:
8.30 – They arrive at the Zone border. Louish and I shall pick them up. Travel by transporter pod to Pleasure Park. Louish and I will point out interesting sites for them.
9.00 In Meet room at Pleasure Park. Explanation of how day will run. Light refreshments.
10.00 Cinders Ash ride
11.00 Climbing Ever Mountain.
12.30 Stroll through Lily Gardens.
1.30 – 2.30 Picnic lunch. We’re going to give them very simple food. They’re going to be a little overwhelmed with impressions. The rides we’re taking them on are very gentle, but it is going to be a really big day for them, all the same. Still, we’ve asked their carers about their favourite foods and we’re going to make sure something’s included that’s a bit of a treat.
2.30 Visit to 24th Century Farm Setting. We’ve arranged for them to be able to feed some of the animals.
3.30 Photo session – we’re going to holo them into all sorts of Normal Zone settings, but nothing too dramatic. Just a gentle hint of how life could be come for them. We’re not sure how much they’ll understand, really.
4.30 Time to shop. They’re allowed a certain number of credits each. They’ll be able to take some small souvenirs back.
5.30 Farewell at Meet room.
6.00 Return to Z Zone
I’m sort of excited and scared at the same time about this project. I hope we are doing the right thing. I think form what I know they’ll enjoy it, and I don’t think it’ll make then too frustrated about returning to the Z Zone. Let’s hope.     

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