Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 323 3519 Visitors

I’ve had the most amazing evening yesterday. I went to eat with Maisie Thomas as I’d arranged. She actually cooked most of the food herself. She has got a state-of-the-art Kitchen Robot and an Autochef, and she did let them do all the chopping and boring stuff, but she was actually watching something cook when I arrived. It was fantastic food. A sort of spicy soup to start with, and then roast meat – it was mixed meat, but form the Farmlands. I didn’t realise the animals actually live semi-wild there. They don’t have a Stopes programme, she said. They give birth naturally and I guess that means there’s also natural insemination. Maisie reckons it makes the meat taste better. She did some unusual vegetables with it – some of them were Zandrian, she said. I hadn’t actually realised we got anything from them other than the vaccines and antidotes. She was a bit vague about that. Intriguing! The dessert was brilliant too. A fruity ice-cream with chocolate curls. And of course we had nectar to drink. Grape nectar, she said. That’s all she’ll ever drink with food. It’s the nearest to the wines they used to drink. She’s really interested in that and how nectar works. I suppose it’s something to do with her being a chemical analyst.
We really do get on well. We just didn’t stop chatting. She’s really interested in the Z Zone and I told her so much. She thinks it’s good what we’re going to do for the Adulkis.          
Then the most extraordinary thing happened. The communicator buzzed. It was quite late by then, so we were a bit wary. But, on the other hand, the nectar had made us a bit mellow.
“Perhaps it’s some handsome man come to ravish us,” she said.
Then she switched on to visual.
“It’s Julienne,” she said.
She irised the communicator and let her in.
She was unbelievable. You just couldn’t recognise her as Julien. She was wearing a really glamorous blue satin tunic and white silk leggings. She was really well made up, too. I don’t mean silly. But she looked really pretty and feminine. She had a big diamond ring on her finger. Her hands didn’t look big at all, and yet when I met Julien the other day, he looked quite big and well built. I didn’t notice that he had small hands, particularly. It must have been the ring that did it.
The first thing she said was “I’d heard you were having a girl’s night in, so I’m hoping you don’t mind if I join you!”
Amazing. You really would not believe she was really a man.
We all three of us got along so well. Two great new friends I have there.
Deleted section
She’d brought along some peach nectar. It went down really well after that fabulous dessert Maisie had made. It seemed ages before the bottle locked. I’m sure we drank more than we were supposed to. I have a feeling that Maisie’s manipulating a few things in that apartment … Goodness, I hope she’s not into Hidden Information.
No, never. Well not much, anyway.  I think she’d be careful. They’re getting less strict about it now, anyway. 
Shouldn’t have mentioned that. I hope no-one saw it.  

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