Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 312 3519 New Friends

I’m really getting to like my new place now. I’ve got some sort of routine going now, and Louish has been in touch re the Adulkis. She asked me to plan the day for them. I’ve almost completed that now. I really enjoyed doing it.
Best of all, though, I’ve got to know a couple of new people. Masie Thomas and Julien LaFonte. Masie called by to welcome me to the block.  She says that people basically keep themselves to themselves, but do keep an eye out that everyone is okay. It can be quite odd, with so many living alone now. You could die and no-one would notice. Even the monitors might not pick it up. Not soon enough anyway. So, there’s a system for everyone making sure that they’ve seen their neighbours every couple of days and we let our “buddies” know if we’re going away.
I actually asked her in for coffee. She accepted and we had a really good chat. She, too, has just lost the love of her life. He’s accepted a post on the other side of Terrestra. That should not normally be a problem, these days. Except that he met someone else. Someone he preferred to her.  How cruel. How sad. At least Kaleem claims he still loves me.
She’s working as a chemical analyst, and is getting to look at how the Zandrian antidote and the vaccine against Starlight Express disease are changing in connection with the Terrestran version of the disease.
We really got on well. She’s invited me to eat with her next Saturday.
Julien LaFonte lives two floors down. I met him when the lift jammed and then the robot that came to repair it blew a fuse or something and started swearing at us. It actually became quite threatening and Julien managed to disable it.  That meant, though, that we had to walk down the stairs to get help and it was quite hard convincing the concierge droid that Julien had had to damage the robot or we might have got hurt. That droid is amazingly humanoid. He claims to distrust Julien because “he’s a sad old queen who thinks he’s a woman.” Julien said that the machine was wrong. At times, it was true, he did become Julienne and wore a wig and a woman’s tunic. He liked to keep in touch with his feminine side. But he was not a “queen” – a 20th Century word for homosexual. Those genes had been well and truly irradicated, and he certainly wasn’t a throw-back.
But Julien was incredibly funny.  He has eyes that crinkle up when he smiles. He’s promised he will come and visit me one day soon, but he’ll come as Julienne. I’m looking forward to that. He seems like fun.
So, new friends then. The light gets brighter.   

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