Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 308 3519 My New Apartment

It has been hectic since I last posted this Global Log. I’ve taken the plunge, inspired by how quickly Marijam and Gabrizan found a lovely apartment and have settled in and got out of Louish’s way. I decided it was time for Louish to have her life back and it was time for me to get on with mine and stop moping about. So, I went home-hunting as well.
I’m writing this from the new apartment. I found it three days ago, moved in two days ago, on the 306th and now everything is sorted. I’m still a little dependent on Louish: she used her credits to put down a deposit and she’s paying the first twenty-day period rent. Just until everything on the Adulki project is finalised and then I’ll have a proper income, and not have to rely on Social Credit. 
So it means that I’ve got this place which is a little nicer than what I could otherwise have afforded. It’s quite a quiet building, though there are plenty of people my age living there. It’s in the block next to where Louish and Frazier used to live, though of course my apartment is much smaller than the one they had. Even so … compared with the Z Zone. I do have the same lovely view that they had of London Harbour and I quite like watching the Supercraft docking and taking off. There's still so many coming from Zandra, and they till need our acorns even though they’re now getting a supply grown there.
I think it is going to get a bit lonely soon.  I’ve been so busy the last couple of days, getting this place the way I want it.  But all the systems are working now. I’m hooked up to all the services. I’m back on the map. I’ll be getting some assignments soon, and then the Adulki project will kick in full tilt in the next few days. The future’s looking a bit less grim.
But, hey, all you Wordtext users, is my G-log not interesting enough for you? And all my former friends haven’t you learnt to write Wordtext yet? Or perhaps you can read it but can’t write it yet? Well reply in multimedia, then. I just feel a bit at the moment as if I’m talking to a void. I’m dying to hear from you all. A few comments might make me feel less lonely.

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