Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 302 3519 Marijam and Gabrizan

Marijam and Gabrizan have been here five days now. They have decided to stay on Terrestra a while. Marijam has found an exciting new project. She’s actually going to be involved with the reintegration of the Z Zone. She may be working with Kaleem, wherever he may be.  Gabrizan has managed to persuade the Plantation governors on Zandra that he should do some work here. He’ll be looking more closely at plant-life here, in particular the evolution of the Common Oak – the plant that is saving Zandra. It is interesting. It’s already responding to the rapid season cycles on Zandra.
Marijam and I talked about Kaleem yesterday. I almost envied her and Gabrizan but then remembered how many years she’d been without him before they met again. I’ve only been without Kaleem for a couple of months, and anyway, for much of that time I wasn’t really with it. But she seems to understand why … he’s left me, or rather, why he’s made me leave him.
Tomorrow, they are looking for an apartment and so am I. Louish is complaining that she is going to feel lonely. She has got used to having me around, she says. And then with her own daughter here as well. She says she has been spoilt.
Louish, lonely, never. Anyway, we have the Adulki visit to organise.
I’ll probably be a little lonely. But then, I’ll be busy too.
Somehow I’m lightening up a little. I’m actually beginning to see my life getting back on some sort of track.
Though I’ll never forget thinking of him every night, just before I go to sleep.  

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