Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 297 3519 Mothers

Well, in the end, it wasn’t too bad, I suppose. She has agreed not to bad-mouth Kaleem. In fact, as far as my family is concerned, the whole Kaleem subject is off limits. I have said I will go and see them. But I’m not going to go and live there. As soon as I’m completely well, I shall find my own apartment and start my own life. I really consider Louish, Marijam and Gabrizan my family now. I suppose I’m still trying to keep a connection with him.
She arrived mid-morning, carrying a huge bunch of flowers. Flowers! That’s what you get from strangers, best friends or from lovers. Not from your mother. You want love and comfort form your mother. But she’s never been all that good on that score. Then I offered her coffee. Louish got out of the way. There we sat making compliments to each other, not getting down to the real matter in hand. I noticed she looked pale She remarked that I looked better than the last time she saw me, and that Louish had done well, persuading me to dress in something more colourful.
Then, after two hours of skirting round it all, we began to really talk. She said she’d always  admired Kaleem and thought that he was basically a trustworthy kind of person, and that she was just shocked that he had left me. I tried to make her see that he’d really only done that because he thought it would be safer for me not to be associated with him. Yes, I was hurt by that, but on the other hand, I appreciate that he’d done it because he cared about me. She conceded in the end that that had been a caring thing to do, but she could see that I was still upset, and of course she was upset that I was upset. So, she finally said it, she would not say another word against him. In the end we agreed that we would not talk about him again as we both got so upset.
Louish then called us for lunch, which was pleasant enough. Afterwards Louish and I showed her around the Attachments’ Compound. She was impressed. I’ll miss the place when I leave. I guess Elders’ attachments are rather special people. The facilities are great here, but it’s the way people are that give it its really special atmosphere.
Well, she’s left now and I’m exhausted. But tomorrow Marijam and Gabrizan arrive. We’ll spend a coupe of days entertaining them and the I think it will be down to business with the Adulkis.   

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