Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 292 3519 Life Goes Slowly

So here I am, all settled now in Louish’s apartment. I thought I would find it odd, living in a community made up of lots of older ladies. But it’s fine. They’re pretty feisty ladies, actually. Are they the women behind the men? Can men only become Elders if they have a good woman behind them? Now there’s a thought. I wonder whether one day they will have female Elders. We have women do everything else, after all.
Actually, though, Louish and I have been pretty girly since I’ve been here. We’ve done loads of shopping. And we even went out – my first time out in public – to the new Reality Shopping Mall. You go there and pick the clothes off a rack. You have to get some tokens when you arrive. You hand them over and take the clothes. You actually look in mirrors with them on, instead of using probationary imaging. It was an experience. Just to think, they used to shop like that all the time, ten thousand years ago. Anyway, I’ve got a load of new tunics, some jewellery, leggings and I’ve changed my hair colour. She didn’t say so, but I’m guessing she was thinking that was a good idea to stop people recognising the ditched ex-partner of the Peace Child. Oh, she’s persuaded me to a few brighter colours than I’d normally choose, and you know, I actually like them. They seem to give me a lift. I suppose I’d got too used to the greyness of the Z Zone. 
No more words about the Adulki visit. I’m getting restless. Is this a sign that I’m getting better – from the fall and from Kaleem? She did say the other day, when we arrived here, she wouldn’t go ahead with it until I’d seen my mother. Daughters and mothers need to be together. Well, we all know what she means by that. “Get your own backyard sorted out first,” she said. She’s probably right. But I’m not looking forward to it.    

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