Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 287 3519 Louish’s Idea

I have been so excited about what Louish suggested. The staff at the Medical Centre kept telling me off. They said I have to try and keep calm, that keeping quiet will help me to get better quicker.
But Louish’s idea is so cool.
She’s going to invite the Adulkis over here. She’s going to take them to all to Pleasure Park. They’ll love it. They’ll absolutely love it. And it will be so lovely to see them again.
I did say I was a bit worried that it might be so nice for them that it will be horrible for them to go back to the Z Zone. But then she told me her plan was even bigger than that. They are going to come into the Normal Zones permanently, not straight away, of course. Gradually, gradually.
We’re all having to pay for the Z Zone now. And so we should. Kaleem has done his work so well. The Z Zone is to go. The last major sticking point has been overcome. No Z Zoner will be switched off. Switch-off will still exist for the rest of us, of course. What a surprise that would be – if a Z-Zoner then lived beyond Switch-Off age. It’s unlikely. No matter how much we care for them now, the damage has already been done.
It’s sad about the Adulkis. They don’t have much longer. Nor Narisja.
There's so much to think about now.
There’s a shadow, though. He has done so well, and we don’t even know where he is now. He won’t communicate with any of us. Oh, Kaleem, what are you thinking. If you happen to read this ….
No, mustn’t think like that. Too much else to think about today.
I’m getting out of here. Normal clothes, normal food, normal life. I’m going to go and stay with Louish. Marijam and Gabrizan will be here soon. They’re worried about Kaleem, too, but they’re also saying they’re sure that he knows what he’s doing.
I’ve even agreed to see Mother. She’s agreed not to say anything bad about Kaleem. I’ll see her next week. Once I’ve had a little time to get used to the outside. 
Must go now. Must pack.   

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