Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 286 3519 Louish Kennedy

Louish Kennedy has been to see me every day for the last five days. She is a good deal of fun. It’s almost like having a big sister. Yet there’s such an age difference between us actually. For goodness sake, she’s Kaleem’s grandmother. Yet she seems no older than my mother. And much more fun.
It seems that she’s having great fun, living with the Elder attachments. They do enjoy themselves. She’s up to all sorts – putting on plays, making films, designing clothes and doing some charity work. She said she’d like me to help with that, when I’m stronger. I think I’d like that.
Of course, we did talk about Kaleem. She says she can’t understand what he’s thinking. But there’s probably a good deal of his father in him, and look what he did. She made it all a little bit worse by telling me how much she still sees of Frazier and how long they’ve been together. But I can understand that. She shudl be proud that she’s ben with her man for so long.
She’s quite a woman, Louish Kennedy. She always dresses so elegantly. She’s allowed her hair to go white and it’s lovely. She had a deep blue tunic on today, all shiny and silky. She says I must have some new clothes and have my hair fixed, and I’ll feel all new and ready to begin life again. I wonder.
Well, she may have a point. And it did cheer me up seeing her. She says she’s going to tell me something really exciting tomorrow – she’s just waiting for one more bit of information.  I’m actually finding I’m looking forward to that just a little bit. Perhaps I am beginning to get better.    

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